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Parish lEadership and Staff

“Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord. And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all.”

—I Corinthians 12:4-6


The Rev’d Dane E. Boston, Rector

Fr. Dane began his ministry at Christ Church in September of 2016. Prior to being called to Cooperstown, he served as Canon for Christian Formation at Trinity Cathedral in Columbia, South Carolina, and as the Curate of Christ Church in Greenwich, Connecticut. Dane studied at Berkeley Divinity School, Yale Divinity School, and Washington and Lee University, where he majored in English literature and wrote a thesis on the poet and priest John Donne. As the Rector of Christ Church, Dane is passionate about preaching the Word of God and leading people to transformation through faith in the risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

Dane and his wife, Deborah, met as undergraduates and were married in Lexington, Virginia in 2009. Debby, an attorney by training, currently stays home with their four young children. The Boston family feels tremendously blessed to live in Cooperstown and serve the people of Otsego County!

Lay Staff

Sue E. Andrews, Parish Administrator

Sue graduated from The King’s College, Westchester Co., New York with a BS degree in Business Administration and Economics.  She began her career at Bassett Medical Center in the early 80’s.  During her time at Bassett, she implemented auditing controls and best practices, was the finance team lead on the construction of a $32M clinic building, introduced KPI’s for Accounting, Payroll, Accounts Payable and Patient Billing functions, spearheaded various financial system implementations, and developed financial leadership training programs. She recently retired after 39 years of service from her position as Vice President, Finance and CFO.  Sue lives in Schuyler Lake with her husband Bruce and their two dogs.

CJ Broughton, Director of Music

Jenn Howard, Bookkeeper

Georgia Meeter, Sunday Nursery Attendant

Thomas Molloy, Sunday Nursery Attendant

Laura Page, Treasurer

Michael Page, Sexton


Ralph Snell, Senior Warden

Nadene Willcox, Junior Warden

Thomas Molloy and Sharon Chambers, Clerks

VEstry Class of 2020

Brian Miller

Kai Mebust

Nancy Tallman

Vestry Class of 2021

Shelby Cooper

Mike Miller

Dick Woodhouse

Vestry Class of 2022

Frank Miosek

Jennifer Victory

Bill Waller

Leadership in Parishes of the Episcopal Church

In parishes of the Episcopal Church, the responsibilities of leadership are shared between ordained clergy, lay staff, and dedicated volunteers. The priest chiefly responsible for discerning and articulating God’s vision for a congregation and caring for the spiritual well-being of the people is called the Rector. This title comes from the Latin word regere, which means “to rule.”

But a Rector is no tyrant! He shares the solemn responsibility of leading a parish with two Wardens, a Treasurer, a Clerk, and a body called the Vestry, who are all leaders elected from the congregation. The Vestry takes its name from the historic practice of holding meetings in a room off the church building called a vestry—the place where the priest would “vest” (put on the vestments) before the service. The Officers and the nine members of the Vestry are charged with looking after the temporal affairs of the Parish—the state of the buildings, the finances, and the appropriate compensation of any other clergy or lay people that the Rector hires to assist him in his work.

The Vestry itself is aided by various committees of laypeople who do the practical work of the congregation and who regularly report to the Vestry. And these leaders, in turn, look to the Rector and lay staff to guide and support them in their work.

All of this local ministry is carried out under the authority and leadership of the Bishop of the Diocese. After all, it is from the office and ministry of our Bishops—episkopoi in Greek, which means “overseers”—that the Episcopal Church takes its name!